Mary Ann Conlin Wears  A Bikini In Seoul

On a Saturday night in Hongdae , English as a Second Language teacher Mary Ann Conlin stripped down to her bikini, placed a blindfold over her eyes, and held two markers in her hands. She stood behind a sign, written in both English and Korean, that asked passersby to draw a heart on her body if they supported self love. Now, this experiment isn’t novel: Jae West was the first woman to make this statement about self acceptance in London, England, and soon after, Amy Pence-Brown stripped down in Boise, Idaho. However, it was the first time it was conducted in South Korea, a country with strict standards of beauty, especially when it comes to weight. Having just moved over to Seoul myself, I couldn’t miss the chance to attend Conlin’s demonstration.

“My wholesale bikinis experience as a full-bodied woman here in Korea has not been a positive one,” Conlin tells me in an interview after the Sept. 19 event. She’s lived in Korea for about four years, working as a teacher at different , or cram schools. “The first work environment that I was a part of, there was a lot of harassment about my weight,” she explains. “I would have my manager tell me, ‘Oh, you gained weight,’ or poke my belly.”

Though Conlin was prepared to experience those kinds of negative responses when embarking on this experiment, she received a generally positive reaction, showing that perhaps Korea’s traditional views and restrictive beauty standards are starting to come into question.

Conlin had been thinking about body positivity for a while, mainly as part of her own journey to find self love but also through her role with Gather The Women South Korea. However, it wasn’t until she saw Pence-Brown’s video on Facebook that she felt a concrete call to action around this issue. At first, Conlin thought this experiment would be a great opportunity to “really change peoples thinking about their body image,” as well as promote Gather The Women. She soon realized, though, that she needed to do this for herself as much as anyone else. “This event was born out of my need for my own healing and then once I heal, then I feel better. And then once I feel better, then more people are attracted into this space. Thats just natural.”

“Im feeling energized because Im standing in my own power, showing my body, not feeling ashamed of it,” Conlin adds. She went into the evening hoping that her energy would be felt by the other women who passed by her that night, Korean or not, and inspire them in the way that Pence-Brown inspired her.

That energy clearly tapped into because within a minute of disrobing, a girl with bright blue hair approached Conlin and drew a heart.  For most of the hour that she was standing there, Conlin was being written on by a stranger. “I rarely had those markers in my hands tonight!” she excitedly tells me. By the end, her body was covered with the hearts she requested as well as supportive comments in both English and Korean.

At no point did Conlin feel unsafe or harassed either, though she did get the sense that some of the younger men who drew on her may have done it as a dare from friends. However, there were no negative comments or inappropriate actions taken directly at her. If there were passersby with negative opinions of Conlin, her body, or her choice to stand there in a bikini, they kept those thoughts to themselves. “Im impressed with people,” she admits. “At least that restraint is a step up from verbal or physical violence, and then the next step is changing peoples minds.”

It seemed that many of the Korean women who signed Conlin’s body on Sept. 19 may have already had their minds changed about body positivity. One Korean woman who gave her name as Sarah tells me the ideal Korean woman is “skinny like a chopstick.” However, she explains that the “ideal” isn’t necessarily right. “Everyone is different, and we need to accept the difference. Korea, we grew up so fast but only the economic part… We need to learn more.”

Yoon, a student at a nearby university, echoes the societal pressure to be thin. “Koreans, we are so sensitive about our bodies and being slim… We see sometimes, but if you have a big body, you try to be slim and diet.” She looked over at Conlin and adds, “But she has such a great body.” I asked Yoon if she or anyone she knew would strip down to a bikini in the middle of a park, and she was quick to say no. The sight of a partially naked woman in such a public place was still a little shocking to her. “Maybe celebrity, like comedian. But not for us.”

Another Korean woman named Soo-jin also felt that Conlin was a bit out of place, but not because of her size. “I think its a meaningful campaign,” she says. “I think it might have been better if she did it with a Korean because she is, for us, still a foreigner. So we can think that she can do whatever she likes to do. That is a very good message, but she can do it because shes not Korean.”

Conlin was aware of the limitations of her role as a foreigner in Korea and admits that the point of this exercise was as much for her own self love as it was for anyone else’s or changing anyone’s minds. “Thats all I could do. I have a free space. I can ask people to come and see what Im doing. You see my body I love myself just the way I am.”

Took Issue With His Shoes

Giants closer Brian Wilson was fined yesterday due to, get this, the color of his shoes. The Marlins took issue on Tuesday with Wilson’s orange shoes and cited them as a distraction. I’ll say it again for you: his shoes were a distraction. What kind of fashionista batting lineup do the Marlins field to take issue with the shoes? Sure, they may be an abhorration on any runway, but this is a pitchers mound.

Wilson was fined $1000 dollars for the wardrobe issue. Sure, it’s not an exceedingly large amount of money, but I think I speak for everyone when I use the phrase: “Say whaaaaat?” I mean, I won’t deny that they’re flashy and bright, they do standout… But if you’re a batter, or another runner, and you’re about to steal a base or hit a ball I guarantee, no matter how bright those shoes are… unless those shoes are covered in twenty LEDs, with 12” speakers (complete with a nice little subwoofer on Wilson’s waist to make it 2.1) bumping some form of gangster rap or Mexican mariachi music… there’s no excuse as a player in that situation to be staring at them when you should be playing.

You’re surrounded by thousands of fans, cameras, new balance 410 womens advertisements and the like. You’ve got that big, bright ball you often stare at in the sky called the sun. You’ve got a ball coming at you around ninety miles an hour. You potentially have a pitcher a split second away from turning and throwing you out while you try and steal a base. But you take issue in the shoes.

I just don’t see it. These guys are professionals and shouldn’t be bothered by something like this. Then again, I think most people know it was complaining just for the sake of complaining. Wilson is taking a sharpie to them to “tone down” the orange. Priceless. Anyway – the Giants won, again, and I have to wonder if the half-orange/half-black shoes are to blame as well. Oh well.

3 thermals to keep your legs toasty

Winter is coming, pink baby doll nightie Halloween & Bonfire night means a lot of outside fun and legs are getting colder so here’s three top choices to keep your legs nice and toasty on chilly days.

Blackspade Thermal Pantyhose

Our first choice is a good solid and very affordable pair of everyday leggings that will keep your pins nice and warm, especially if you work outside. The main feature of these leggings is a unique cross section fabric that traps pockets of air and insulate your legs while also being breathable by transporting moisture away from the skin. Available in black and currently priced at £14.95 you can buy online direct from .

Charnos Cocoon Long Pant

Choice two is a luxury pair of pretty leggings from Charnos that are made from a warm modal and silk blend that is perfect for layering during the Winter. We love the pink but you can buy black if you prefer and the little centre bow and lace around the ankles is very pretty. Sizes are small, medium and large and the price is currently £35. You can buy online from

Blackspade Short Leggings

Our final pink baby doll nightie choice is something else by Blackspade, as we’re big fans! If you don’t want full length leggings then these could be for you. They use the same thermal technology as the first choice above so will keep you toasty but colours are extended to black and white. Sizes are from small to XXL and the price is currently a very affordable £9.95. Buy direct from .

Lepel Lingerie Autumn Winter

Lepel sets the mood with pink babydoll nightie a spirited collection for Autumn/Winter with warm, autumnal hues reflecting the trends of the season.

Joanna makes a statement in vintage style cream lace on a beautiful delicate paper touch fabric with padded balcony bra and mini brief. Bow detailing and a sparkling jewel trinket make this set fun and girlie.

Vintage grandeur is taken to a new level with the Jessica range, inspired by the grown up nude trends seen on the catwalks. The bright pink embroidery overlay on champagne ground stands out against the soft padded bra and thong shapes.

Inject some colour into winter wardrobes with Lepels best selling Fiore range, in mouthwatering sherbet pink and coral reef or midnight blue/pink.

Justine offers a dark satin floral print with soft eye catching mesh overlay, the print evokes romantic autumn, just as the leaves are beginning fall.

The elegant Bouquet range returns for AW11 in passion pink, perfect for romantic nights in. The corsetry detailing gives this range a structured yet ultra luxe feel.

Mille recreates the playful mood in delicate pink polka dots on micro-fibre black bound with unique cut away applique and peek-abo effect.

The padded Coco bra is grownup glam at its best, with rosebud and ribbon detailing against midnight blue lace, giving a retro and opulent feel.

And finally the Madeline pink babydoll nightie padded balcony bra and mini brief makes a bolder statement in regal tones of purple and blue multi print.

Magazine compromises by suggesting bikini

Actress Karla Souza pink babydoll nightie refuses to wear lingerie for GQ cover, magazine compromises by suggesting bikini

How To Get Away With Murder actress Karla Souza said that she refused to appear on the cover of GQ Mexico in a bra and underwear as she wanted to be sophisticated – but the magazine only compromised by letting her wear a bikini.

Souza said the proposed shoot involved a “bra and panties on a bed” scenario, but she felt uncomfortable doing it.

“I wanted sophisticated, fancy, nice and beautiful and sexy, but not that,” she told E! Online.

She explains that she told the magazine she wouldn’t appear wearing so little – and it took a year for them to agree to her idea of wearing bathing suits and “things I felt more comfortable in”

Souza, who plays Laura Castillo in the ABC murder drama, said a lot of magazines in Mexico feature fully naked women and several other actresses had opted to bear all.

People news in pictures 9 show all People news in pictures 1/9 US President-elect Donald Trump and musician Kanye West pose for media at Trump Tower in Manhattan, New York City

Anna Wintour apologises for criticising Donald Trump on a train. Fashionista was reportedly heard saying the President-elect would use the Presidency ‘to sell himself and his brand’

Ivanka Trump and her babydoll nightie husband might be joining the next administration. The couple is plotting a move to the nation’s capital



pink babydoll nightie For Queen Elizabeth II, Reports Significant Loss

Rigby & Peller, Lingerie-Maker For Queen Elizabeth II, Reports Significant Loss

It’s been a rough year for Rigby & Peller lingerie, the outfitter of Queen Elizabeth II, among others. The brand lost £214,000 last year ($343,000), after making a £168,000 profit ($269,000) the year before, the Independent reports.

Very broadly, lingerie retailers divide their product into two categories: basic and fashion-led. “What we noticed a year to 18 months ago was that people had stopped buying basic product in favour of investing in more special pieces,” said Helen Atwood, lingerie buyer at Selfridges.

Women had less money to spend going out so they were buying more glamorous underwear, presumably in a bid to make life more interesting at home. Now, according to Ms Atwood at least, standard underwear is in demand once more. “We’re seeing renewed interest in basic lingerie again but it’s all about good-quality product,” she said. “People are more willing to spend money on a good bra that fits them properly than they used to be.”

In April, Rigby & Peller’s owner, June Kenton, retired. She had been fitting the queen since 1960 and she revealed that she was terrified before her first royal visit:

“I was so nervous I couldn’t sleep or think straight. Can you imagine what it was like? Most people first meet the Queen when she’s wearing an evening dress, but not me,” Kenton said.

In May, Lady Gaga reportedly lost four sets of expensive Rigby & Peller lingerie. The brand said it sent seven sets from its fall/winter 2010 collection to Gaga so that she could use them in a music video, but that Gaga only returned three sets. The others were reported AWOL by couriers. No word on if they were ever found.

launch lingerie company with Neil Ruddock’s wife Leah

Ben Cohen’s dumped pink babydoll nightie wife Abby to launch lingerie company with Neil Ruddock’s wife Leah

She’s had one hellish year but now Abby Cohen is putting her life back together

While hubby Ben’s new girlfriend Kristina Rihanoff poses for calendars in skimpy underwear, we can reveal that Abby wants to help launch a whole new lingerie range and model it too.

And as she hits the gym to get into perfect shape for a sexy photoshoot, she’s on the lookout for a new man.

The lingerie venture is the brainchild of her close friend Leah, wife of ex-soccer star Neil “Razor” Ruddock. Leah told in an exclusive interview how she has been ­supporting Abby after the break-up of her 11-year marriage.

“Abby has been to hell and back,” said Leah.

“It has been a nightmare, because Ben was her whole world. But she is finally getting the fun back into her life.”

The two women have been close since their children appeared on Big Star’s Little Star early last year, when Abby, 37, was still wed. But her ­marriage broke down this year and she and Ben are now divorcing.

Abby believes Kristina, the Russian dancer Ben partnered on Strictly Come Dancing in 2013, is the reason he left. But the new couple deny an ­affair – Kristina, 38, insists they started dating only after Ben walked out.

Abby and the girls met Kristina when she was training Ben on Strictly

Leah said: “Abby just wants a fresh start and a new life now. She’s been living with the stress of her marriage split for so long and she’s told me she would love to find a new man.

“I have vowed to set her up with someone amazing. That’s my mission and she is up for it.”

Abby has been hitting the gym after vowing to get her body into the best shape it has ever been. Leah went on: “She’s told me she’s been training ­really hard and has a goal of three to four more weeks to get herself into mint condition. She doesn’t need to – I’ve always thought what a great figure she has. It’s incredible.

“But she wants to look at herself and feel great and sexy, I think. It’s the start of a new chapter.”

Leah and Abby are pink babydoll nightie now in talks to launch their own lingerie range via Leah’s model agency and are making plans for a Christmas ­publicity shoot. Leah Ruddock in a glam shoot

lingerie collection for Ann Summers

Giles Deacon is the British pink babydoll nightie designer responsible for some of the most beautiful collections at London Fashion Week. This week sees the launch of his new affordable lingerie collection for Ann Summers.

The British high-street lingerie label has teamed up with the London-based designer for the second time to create an  napologetically sexy and bold ?autumn/winter underwear collection. Think Ann Summer sensuality and sexiness combined with Deacon  trademark wit and playfulness.

The 43-year-old designer’s innovative capsule includes four key lingerie ranges and sex toys featuring laces, silk and prints, and pieces like a black marabou robe, bras with flirty feather ticklers attached to them and even a black gown. Prices range from 20 (for a bra) to 150 (for the satin dress).

Speaking about the range pink babydoll nightie Deacon said:  knew at the start when designing the collection that I wanted it to combine great shapes, thoughtful details and to be of the highest quality that would enable the pieces to be aspirational yet affordable.


A string of new lingerie boutiques

Marks & Spencer has pink babydoll nightie  revealed plans to compete in the chic world of European underwear by opening a string of new lingerie boutiques on the Continent selling only the M&S brand.

However, the troubled high street giant will not use its own name but will enigmatically mark the women’s underwear “msl” to stand for “Marks & Spencer lingerie”.

M&S is investing £1m in the first stores, which will be opened next month in Paris, Hamburg and Dusseldorf. If they are successful, the group plans to launch more boutiques.

About 25 per cent of the msl range will be specially designed for the new boutiques. The rest will be made up from the existing collection, which includes the Salon Rose line designed by Agent Provocateur, makers of sexy women’s underwear.

An M&S spokesperson said: “There are no plans … to change the image of the underwear – it will be a mix of traditional and the new range. But that may change when we see what the customer profile is.”

M&S does not intend to roll out the boutiques to the UK at the moment, as its 300 stores already sell underwear here. The retailer already sells its underwear in continental Europe, but only through 30 general stores.

Separately M&S said pink babydoll nightie that it is launching its first ever designer menswear collection, which will be available from today in five UK stores including the flagship Marble Arch branch.

Pink babydoll nightie

Topshop is pink babydoll nightie launching bridal collection including wedding dresses, bridesmaid outfits, lingerie and accessories

With the average cost of a wedding estimated to be well over £20,000, it’s no wonder brides on a budget are looking for ways to cut back.

Luckily, high street favourite Topshop is here to bring you the wedding dress of your dreams at a fraction of the price.

Read moreMeet the man who organises the highest wedding proposals in BritainSet to hit stores in April, the brand’s debut bridal collection is expected to include wedding and bridesmaid’s dresses, accessories and lingerie.

Model Grace Elizabeth stars in the campaign wearing a blush coloured satin gownTopshop has confirmed that the collection will consist of five wedding dresses with prices starting at £350, and a selection of bridesmaid’s dresses starting at £85.

And, while little else is known at this stage, the campaign image that has been released does give us a clue as to what we can expect.

Read moreHow being a ‘butch’ lesbian exposed the wedding industry’s sexismWorn by model of the moment Grace Elizabeth, who recently starred in the Victoria’s Secret fashion show, is a dusky blush coloured plunging gown crafted from silk with ruched shoulder detailing and a delicately embroidered waistline.

Topshop isn’t the pink babydoll nightie first to step into the affordable bridalwear market though. Whistles will launch its capsule collection next month while ASOS, London label Self Portrait and Needle and Thread have all launched successful wedding ranges in recent years.