Small lingerie company Her Apparel recognised at New Zealand fashion week

NOT having a pink baby doll nightie social life is just one of the sacrifices Bethany Payne has made to follow her dream.

In just one year, the Wattle Grove woman, 21, made a business plan, found a partner, set up the business and is now off to New Zealand where her products have been recognised.

Ms Payne and her business partner Rebecca Rasool created lingerie brand HER Apparel Intimates a year ago, based on a vision to sell bras with no underwire.

“I hate underwire and my partner, who is an E cup, hates underwire too but she wants to wear underwear that’s nice,” Ms Payne said.

While Ms Rasool, based in NZ, makes the lingerie, Ms Payne handles the business side of things ­including 򭫌ounting, media and customer relations. However, in a few days Ms Payne will be flying out to NZ to attend the New Zealand Fashion Week show where HER Apparel will be shown on the catwalk.

“I freaked out, we’ve only been operating for a year,” Ms Payne said.

“I still can’t believe it, it still doesn’t feel real.”

When the two aren’t meeting once a month or discussing business on Skype, they are working day jobs.

“It’s so hard. I pink baby doll nightie don’t see my friends any more,” Ms Payne said. “But I’m doing what I’ve always wanted to do.”

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